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Keep California's liberal sanctuary city

policies out of Nevada

Sanctuary Policies Are Extremely Dangerous

Tell Nevada Democrats:

Special Session Needed to Keep Nevada Safe

The announcement by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that it is ending participation in a program allowing it to cooperate with ICE has effectively made Las Vegas a sanctuary city.

Metro’s decision came after a federal judge in California issued an injunction preventing law enforcement from participating in the ICE program, except in states with laws allowing participation.

This represents a serious threat to the safety of our citizens. Our law enforcement personnel MUST have the tools necessary to keep our neighborhoods safe from dangerous criminals.

Incredibly, Nevada Democrats earlier this year promoted legislation that would have turned all of Nevada into sanctuary state. 

Those kinds of dangerous sanctuary

policies do NOT belong in Nevada. 


Tell Nevada’s Democrats to call a Special Session of the Legislature, and pass a law allowing Metro to once again participate in the ICE program. Tell Democrats to stop playing politics with public safety!
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